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Pain after knee manipulation

Had TKR "right knee" Dec 10th and just had my right knee manipulated Monday Feb 1 the Knee / Leg feels great much improvement. I have one problem pain/pain (left side of right knee) when I put pressure / weight on the Knee enough pain that I have to use my walker.I was walking before the manipulation. Using CPM machine with no major pain. I have not called my surgeon yet. Do not want to whin. Is thi s normal
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Thanks for your response

I am taking Norco 10-325 1or 2 tablets every 4 hours also taking Ibuprofen 800 mg 3 a day. Call the Dr Friday after PT I am going to see him Wed. On the CPM 3 times a day 2hr each time. Pain is in one spot  - shooting pain
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I would want you to take NSAIDs for couple of days and also use ice packs  to decrease the pain and inflammation.
Some amount of pain is common after manipulation.

If your symptoms continue then you would need to follow up with your orthopedic surgeon for ruling out any complications.

Take care!
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