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Pain after knee manipulation

I had rt knee replacement surgery 2.5 months ago. Went to P.T and used pool 3 X a week. My doctor and therapist were not real happy with the flexion of my knee; app 90%. I however felt I was doing fine, I had been off pain pills for 2 weeks and was walking well, going up and down stairs fairly well. All with very minimal pain. Needless to say I had manipulation done a week ago, and after going back to P.T. 2 days later, I am in extreme pain, knee is quite swollen and need to take my pain pills almost every 3- 4 hours. I am unable to sleep through the night without getting up to take a pain pill. I am back to work full time for the past two weeks and was doing fine until the manipulation. Now I can barely get through the day. Is this to be expected after the manipulation? I feel I am going backwards in my recovery.
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Continue your physiotherapy and you will regain strength and your pain will decrease and it will take time.These symptoms are due to manipulation. If the manipulation was required, as it is due to false position and which might give you more problems with back and leg so i think your surgeon performed the manipulation.
Also discuss with your surgeon the results of the manipulation and alignment of your bones etc. Take care!
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I was involved in a serious ski accident.  I have been racing competitively since I was seven years old and never experienced anything like this current injury.  I tore my ACL, Meniscus, fractured petella, tore calf muscle and twisted my ankle.  Additionally, I had whip lash for three days.  Subsequently, I became stiff and only was pulling 40%.  ACL repair cannot be completed until complete motion.  My first MD stated it was all in my head until he received the MRI and X-Ray results, therefore, changed to another MD who is wonderful.  I had a manipulation three weeks and aggressive therapy and massage therapy on a daily basis.  In addition to services, I have been aggressive at home only to reach 96% with pushing and pain.  Will it ever come back?  Has anyone experienced this?
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From what I have been told, it is normal to feel pain following a manipulation.  Nights are horrible.  I also have been told it takes four to six weeks to heal.  Did they ever tell you that you will get your full range of motion back again or is something you just have to adapt to?  Mine is only reading 90-96% and just came to a stop.  I am so aggressive with treatment and becoming frustrated.
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Had my knee manipulated yesterday. Still pretty swollen. Woke up from anesthesia crying, but was fine after Morphine. I'm not able to bend yet (and I really want to try hard) but think that taking it slow will be better for me. It is only day 1, so I expect pain and suffering for a while, yet. Thought I'd let you know. Anxious to get there and be done with it, for sure!
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Hi! Welcome any newcomers! I am the Orthopedic Community Leader for MedHelp. I would like to explain the pain. Manipulations are required for different reasons, number one being to increase ROM (Range of Motion). The pain/swelling occurs because the already formed scar tissue (sorry for the explexetive) is being "ripped", this obliviously increases the ROM. Hope this is useful. Best wishes! jd1963
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It's been 1 week since manipulation. I'm hurting and not feeling much relief.
Tried doubling up on the med (Hydrocodone) made me really sick. Won't do that again, but don't know what to do about the pain. Just hanging in there. Therapist on Thursday, finally! Lots of sleep loss and tired all the time. Could be the Fibro, too. Under stress. On I go! lol
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