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Pain from AC clavicle separation in the 3rd degree 32 years

I am having problems from my shoulder from an injury that happened 32 years ago. I had an AC clavicle separation in the 3rd degree 32 years ago and after so many years, I have been getting dull pain and neck pain. During the day I can handle the pain, but at night, it is a different story. The pain wakes me up and I have a hard time sleeping. Back when I separated my clavicle, I did not do that much therapy and was told that it would get better on its own. Can someone please tell me, what exactly would cause this pain and why would it happen after so many years later? Is there a medical condition that deteriorates my clavicle or surrounding area to produce this pain and what is it called.  Thank you in advance.
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How do you know it's from that injury?  This sounds much more like a neck problem, and almost no human ages without some neck problems.  I would assume if was from the shoulder, it would hurt in the shoulder.  It should be noted, old injuries often do hurt us when we get old.  As shoulder pain can be caused by pinched nerves from the neck, again, it sounds much more like a neck problem.
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The reason that I know that it is from this injury is because I get dull pain on my shoulder and that is what wakes me up. I think that the neck pain comes from me tossing and turning all night long in order for me to find a comfortable position to sleep. What medical experience do you have to say that it is a pinched nerve. I was hoping to get a medical student or doctor to help me find a solution to my problem so that I can sleep. I posted this question here because I want for someone with expertise to tell me what happens to a shoulder after 30 years when  it is separated with a 3rd degree? Any medical students or Doctors who can answer this question, I will greatly appreciate it. thank you.
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