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Pain in heel, under arch

Hello all!
I landed flat footed on concrete from a jump ~10 ft up and felt a pain in my foot.  The next morning I had significant trouble placing weight on the heal, but this began to subside within 5 or so days.  Additionally I had no bruising or swelling of any noticeable amt.  Because it began to subside and the lack of typical symptoms, I decided it may be ok and i may have just bruised it.  Now 3 wks since my jump, the pain is still on my heel but only really when it impacts something (e.g., running, but not walking).  I still have some localized spots of pain elsewhere in my foot, but these have hardly been debilitating.  Additionally, I have begun to feel a tenderness in my achilles occassionally (not usually when walking.. but again if I try to run, iI will feel it there).  

I am wondering if there is cause for alarm given my symptoms, which seems minor.  However, I want to avoid a chronic condition and return my foot to full health (I need it for my work).  Any suggestions on what to do?  If I should seek medical advice, should I go to my primary care or to a specialist?  Or could I expect the pain to continue to subside over the next 2 or so weeks?  

I am a 24 year old in full health.  
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I would suggest you to go for an X-ray to rule out any minor fractures.

In most of the cases there are ligament or muscle tears due to fall or twist and they can be diagnosed after an examination by an orthopedician and if required MRIs.

Take intermittent NSAIDs, apply ice packs and do not do weight bearing for a week and wear proper shoes and if the pain continues then follow up with an orthopedician.

Take care!
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Thanks for the quick response and great advice.  I saw an orthopedic today who ran me through a examination and a low-fi x-ray machine (instantaneous visuals.. but not extremely high res.. not sure what this is called?).  His examination focused on the achilles.. but did find anything amiss.

he diagnosed some NSAIDs for ten days.. then see how the pain is.

Do you agree?  
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