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Pain in many places, no doctor has fixed it...

20M here. 5’8 120lbs. I’ve got “slight scoliosis” in my back, where my lower back is too rigid yet my upper back is too flexible. I get back and neck pain, upper, middle, and lower. It comes and goes In variety and severity. I also have 2 shoulders somehow injured, right shoulder has slight structural wear. They are both different problems with both shoulders yet no doctor has specifically told me what is wrong. My collarbones both feel pain from this as well. I sometimes get hip pain, knee pain, and elbow pain as well.

I just want to be like a normal 20 year old kid. I don’t know what to do anymore I’ve consulted many ortho doctors, chrios, physical therapists. I’ve been told it’s posture, I’ve been told I’m “hyper flexible”, but with no real way to fix my painful shoulders collarbones etc. It sucks so much I don’t know what to do anymore. If someone can give me anything this is the last straw for me, so help would be appreciated. Please help.
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Even if you have scoliosis it doesn't necessarily mean that's the cause of any pain.  No idea what is going on.  If you're only 20, it's not wear and tear, unless you're a football player or something like that.  If docs don't see damage that needs surgery they won't do it.  You obviously need a better specialist. if you can afford it and can get to where they are, like Johns Hopkins.  
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