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Pain inside shoulder blade

I have had tightness JUST inside my right shoulder (between the shoulder blade and spine)
after using my shoulder/arm away from my body, 4-5 years ago, in an up and down motion
to fix a drain at my house. It has always gotten more sore and painful when using my arm
above my head for only a matter of seconds. I never got the problem checked out of
diagnosed. In early 2008 I began to workout heavily in hopes of gaining muscle size.
After about a year of working out (and the injury not being a setback) I was doing overhead
presses with a lot of weight and when I got home I was in a lot of pain from the same
spot inside my shoulder blade and in my trapezius. I immediately stopped working out in hopes
of finally curing the injury. I did some simple, light weight, exercises I learned from a personal
trainer (mainly used for rotator cuff injuries I think). It caused even more pain. Finally I went
to an orthopedics specialist and they gave me similar exercises with light weight in hopes
of strenghtening my muscles and posture. It wasn't helping so I got an MRI and they found
I had a torn labrum from "4 to 7". A week and a half ago I had arthroscopic surgery to
repair the torn labrum. I am in a sling and the pain from the surgery is very minimal now.
But the pain is still inside the shoulder blade. Is there a chance that that wasn't the only
injury I had and I need more work, or is it too early to tell? I am already in my newest post-operative
physical therapy sessions and I am very strict with myself to do them, along with wearing my sling
everyday. I have my first post-operative appointment in a few days but I'm sure they're just going
to tell me to give it some time. Also, after doing the MRI, and before surgery, I was lifting something
in front of me, away from my body, and the same spot inside my shoulder blade and my lower back
on just the right side kinda "popped" and was very painful. So I'm hoping I didn't injure something
that happened after that MRI.
Any ideas? Thanks...
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