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Pain just above knee...Any suggestions?

I am 28yrs old. About a month ago we were having a party, and I was constantly moving(walking fast) to set things up. I had also started to push myself on the treadmill as well. I would get it up to about 3mph, which I know isnt that fast, but when you arent used to it, it is. Anyway, I had noticed that my one knee became sore. It is like a dull ache, just above the knee cap. I am not sure if there are muscles there, or if it is the knee itself. About 16 years ago, I sprained that knee and from time to time I would feel some soreness in it. BUt now it seems like anytime I exercise - even only 2.2miles per hour on the treadmill, it is that dull ache. There is a family history of arthritis, which also makes me nervous. Anyway,  I was hoping someone would have some idea as to what this might be. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!
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Hello Dear,
You should see a orthopedic physician as the pain could be due to several causes like arthritis,ligament injury,meniscal  tear,over exertion,muscular strain  etc.Unless a physicial examination and x-rays are done the cause cannot be diagnosed.You should avoid walking for long intervals and do not put much strain on your knee.Get the evaluatio done.
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