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Pain near my knee

Hi folks! While I'm not expecting a diagnosis over the web, I wonder if anyone could shed some light: In september I started getting an irritating twinge, when walking, on the top part of my shin, on the inside (medial, I think that is), just below my knee. Gradually it has worsened when I walk, now it's largely moved to the back of my knee and can get quite bad when I walk. My leg feels a little wobbly at times, and my leg feels slightly stiff, eg  I can'g bend it fully, and if I have to kneel I do it VERY carefully as it hurts.The amount of walking I do isn't excessive. It was bad the other day when I was at a couple of airports and had to walk from one terminal to another (massive distances) and a 10-15 minute walk in town, each way. I was really hobbling badly by the end of the day. When i take my weight off it it's fine, and mostly improves overnight, then worsens again if I walk. There is no sign of any swelling and the area does not feel hot or anything. Today, when I haven't walked as much, it feels a bit better.I haven't had any kind of recent injuries. Has anyone got the foggies what could be causing this?
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Have you seen a doctor about this?It could be artritis with out swelling.You need to see a doctor.                                                                                               good luck
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Yes, I think you are right, but I keep putting it off as I seem to almost live on their doorstep (for other things ) these days. I have decided to try to take regular ibuprofen this weekend and see if it makes a difference. It is slightly better as having been at work I haven't had an opportunity to walk so much.
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Hello and I'm sorry to hear about your pain.  I am not a doctor, however I can share my experience with knee pain.

It sounds to me like you may have a tear in the medial miniscus.  You have the symptoms.  I'd strongly suggest you see your primary care physician (if you have one), who should refer you to an orthopedic surgeon.  Waiting and hoping it may get better?  Probably not a good idea.

Insist on an x-ray and if that does not show anything, get an MRI.  I just had my right knee done (small tear) in August 2006.  The doc could not find it on the x-ray, but it did show on the MRI.  My knee is ~95% healed.  

Also, my knee pain does worsen when flying, but only slightly.  I have no medical background, but it seems the pressure in the plane makes it hurt more after landing.
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