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Pain on Kneeling following fall

Seven weeks ago I had a fall on some uneven concrete.  Ankle went and I fell onto my left knee.  People with me were more worried about my knee but most pain was in the ankle at the time so I was completely unconcerned by the knee.  I got up and walked to my meeting, then went to a doctor who briefly glanced at my knee and gave it the all clear, and diagnosed a sprain in my ankle.

Five weeks later an xray showed a fracture to my right ankle (lateral malleolus).  The knee xray showed no fracture or other issue - the reason for another doctor ordering xrays was that I am unable to put any direct weight on the knee (kneel on it) and it graunches and carries on when moving it, though this causes no pain.  I have no pain on movement, the bruise that was present for six weeks has gone and it is no longer swollen but still this problem remains.  

Any suggestions as to what it may be?
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Sorry you are hurting. Have you had a MRI? Then if that does not show anything you might want to look into having a bone scan.

I hope this helps,
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Hi there!

The knee is a complex joint and usually better imaging techniques such as the MRI are used to diagnose injuries rather than plain x-rays. The x-rays may diagnose bone fractures and dislocations or malalignments, but cannot diagnose meniscal/ ligamental/ muscle/ tendon tears, unless associated with other abnormalities. Hence it is advised to consult an orthopedician for an evaluation to rule out possible injuries to the ankle and the knee. After a cause to your knee pain is diagnosed, it can be managed accordingly.
Hope this was useful.

Take care!
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