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Partial Knee Replacement & Continue Running

Looking for a quick response. Have any of you orthopedists performed any kind a knee replacement on a runner (marathoner) who continued running with success? I have 24 more states to complete to have done them all. If not recommended, do I just go on until the pain is unbearable, get the operation, and stop running/walking? Is there middle ground? If so, what is it? Thanks in advance. - Paul
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Thanks, Dr Kaul, for your reply. I'll look into physiotherapy and determine what they way adequate may be. - Paul
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Hey Paul!

Though I have not personally performed a TKR on a marathoner, running isn’t typically advised after a TKR, since it runs the risk of increased wear and tear of the replacement and subsequent complications. Though not recommended, one can still run after a replacement following adequate physiotherapy and training activities (at your own risk). You may consider discussing the situation as to when would a TKR be appropriate and the pros and cons in detail with your treating orthopedician.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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