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Partial Patella Tendon Tear with Ruptured ACL


I recently had an MRI scan on my knee (injured tend days ago but has been weak for some time). The MRI revealed a partial tear of my patella tendon, some kind of damage to my ACL (it looked 'frayed', possibly torn but not entirely clear...certainly not in good health) and also bruising to one of the bones in my knee.

The consultant recommended a knee brace that locks at 0 degrees and 90 degrees while I undergo some physio and rehab. I have ordered a knee brace from DonJoy that is suitable, and just had my first physio session yesterday. The physio actually advised that I can move my knee through more than 90 degrees of flexion when exercising / stretching / in rehab, since I was able to do so without too much effort and no real discomfort when she was treating me.

I am just a bit concerned as I have read in a couple of places that the advised treatment for a partial tear to the patella tendon is to fix the leg straight with no bending for 2 - 3 months. I know there is every chance, given the combination of injuries that I have, that I will need surgery at some point, but I would obviously like to maximise my chances of a non-surgical recovery if at all possible.

Any and all comments and advice are very welcome. I would eventually like to get back to skiing, running, and boxing. I would be happy to wear a brace when taking part in all such activities.


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Hey Theo!

I am not sure about your source of information, though fixing the leg straight for 2-3 months is not done in any type of treatment. Partial tears are treated with a period of initial rest followed by physiotherapy. Increased flexion and extension is not advised initially since this may hamper the healing process, while exercises to strengthen the muscles are required for adequate healing.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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Many thanks...getting a good deal of flexion back...focusing on the tendon injury for now & then will reassess the ACL once I am back up & running (metaphorically speaking)
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