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Patellar tendon tear after knee replacement

I had a total knee done under general anesthesia with a nerve block.  I did not get up out of bed after the surgery until the third day.  The PT walked me about 20 yards and then to a set of stairs to teach me how to do them.  As I was going up the stairs the knee that was just operated on buckled inward.  I did not fall completely but caught myself before going down on it.
There didn't appear to be anything wrong until about 4 days later when the swelling went down sufficiently to see that my patella had moved to the side of my knee.  About 10 days after my initial surgery I underwent a second surgery to repair the patellar tendon which apparently had ripped apart below the kneecap.  I recall  reading in the post-op report that the surgeon had used a "pants and vest" or vice-versa technique in effecting the repair.  My knee was then put in an immobilizer for 3 weeks.  After that I slowly and cautiously began PT.  It is now 3 months since the repair was done and I am still in PT 3 times a week.  My range of motion in the knee is up to 100 degrees.  The tendon still feels very tight and the knee feels nowhere near natural.  There is little to no pain in the knee.  Is it reasonable to expect that the knee will get any better from a functional or feel point of view?
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I had a similar tear after total knee replacement. Mine most likely happened during rehab before leaving the hospital. Mine tore on the foot side at the patella. Because of the swelling and pain post replacement, I didnt find out for several weeks. I had both knees replaced the same time. It has been 9.5 months and i've shed the braces and use a cane just in case. It will take some time, listen to the doc and phy therapist but take it slow. I have -10 to +110 flex and am riding a bicycle again. About 15 degrees from straight leg is still very weak, hence the cane but I think it will recover.You got to have faith because the thought of limited mobility is not an option. I'm 56 and push 200lbs. Get to a gym and good luck !
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