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Patelllar Subluxation

I had patellar dislocation 5 weeks ago with knee effusion. I am using knee brace and taking Enzomac tablet twice a day since 1st April. Also advised to start (static quadriceps contraction and knee flexion) exercise two weeks ago. Also advised to put my leg gently on ground without giving full weight and increase exercise slowly.
But on 1st May i started to walk as suggested but later on that night i felt increased swelling. So, i discontinued exercises and yesterday again i felt further increase in swelling. Then i wrapped the knee brace tightly and elevated my leg with pillow and slept. Today the swelling is some reduced.
Now my question is that why swelling is not reducing further? Is there any precaution i should take? Or any way to end swelling completely. What is the effect of Enzomac tablet i am taking since a month?

Kindly Help
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Hi there!

The swelling is likely to be due increased inflammation which could occur due to inappropriate or excessive physical activity than advised. I would suggest resting the leg for a few days. Ice-packs and OTC NSAIDS may be helpful for pain relief. Physical activity and weight bearing may be gradually initiated after a few days of rest, under the supervision of a trained physiotherapist. Knee braces may help in improving the joint stability. If there is no improvement over 2-6 weeks, you may see a review with your treating orthopedician.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Respected Madam,
There is no pain in my knee and also i didn't done excessive exercise. I took rest for 6 days without any exercise and swelling was gone. Again after that i started very light exercise and then swelling is increased but it is not that much as was before(It is seen only during straight leg). Also when i rest my foot on the floor gently with the help of crutches then also i do not feel any pain. Even i feel that my foot is able to handle my weight and i am not feeling awkward(I didn't put full weight on my leg).
Is there any symptoms of knee effusion again? Or It seems swelled due to stretch in the upper skin due to knee flexion exercise? Since my leg was resting since 1.5 month.
Or this is common in recovery process?

Thanks for your attention...  
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