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Physical Therapy following calcaneus fracture

It's been almost 8 weeks since falling off a ladder and shattering my calcaneus in 4 places.
As stated earlier, not of alignment enough to require surgery.
5 week check up including x-rays, indicating things are going as well as can be expected. during the exmaination, the doctor moved my ankle down, then when coming back up, a distinctive "popping noise" followed by a a quick sharp pain occured.
The doctor admitted he wasn't sure wahat it was. He said it COULD be legiment. cartligde, tendon, bones, then kind of dismissed it.
He ordered physical therapy, 6 weeks, 2 times a weeks.
I don not look foward to the PT or the daily excercises because almost every time I do the up and down movment with my ankle, I get that "popping noise" and the pain that goes with it.
I've called the doctor about this per the instruction of my physical therapist, and was advised to "bite through the pain until my next visit on 1/13.
He had mentioned maybe doing an MRI, but wnated to wait to see what the PT does. In his opinion, "the MRI would be more than he needs to know at this time.
He told me on the last visit, "I would be suprised if you DIDN'T have to have a subtalar fusion with this kind of injury.
Also, swelling increases with PT

A little background:

-This was a fall from about 10 feet onto my heel
-I've had x rays and CT scan.
-Temporary plaster splint for the first week, then the velcro boot
-Pain meds
-Now physical therapy
-By the way--this happend on the job

Questions are this:

-Is the popping and pain in the ankle normal part of rehab? ( I have no problem with pain if it's part of treatment, but I'm not getting that from anyone)
-Would the MRI be more descriptive of what I might need now or down the road? (I really don't want to be laid up twice)
-Since this is a workers comp claim, are there different guidelines to treatment?
-If I do need a 2nd opinion, how do I get it?
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