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Pinky finger problemjs

dear all

i have a fractured distal phalange and joint along with promixal joint and phalanx fracture in my left hand's pinky finger and i have hypoplasia of the middle phalanx and joint.

what can i do here to cure both cases please ..

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.  Did you have an X ray of the finger to know that it is fractured? I assume you have sought medical care. Placement of the fracture matters for treatment. Sometimes it is as simple as taping to adjacent finger if it is a stable fracture. If unstable, they will sometimes still secure but immobilize with a splint. Treating hypoplasia which is underdevelopment from birth often involves reconstruction. Have you had an orthopedic doctor advise you at all on these things?
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thanks for the reply.
yes based on X-ray doctors told my dad it was fractured and i was treated as a child but it was an unstable one, they had once put a metal rod in my finger as a splint i believe. still it's twisted and i can't turn the finger from ditsal phalanx or joint except for promixol joint.

i wanted to see an orthpedic and have him advise me. for both cases i was thinking maybe toe to hand transplant will do the trick no ..
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