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Please help Disabled for 2 years

I do not mean to double up a post but I am in dire need of advice.
My girlfriend has been disable ever since a colles fracture in 2009. The fracture was so bad it pushed the hand down behind the arm bones. They set the wrist and we were on our way.

She was disabled for over a year and a half and went through 3 doctors before they finally agreed with me that she has a ganglion. The cyst was removed but came back only two weeks after surgery. We are now on our 5th or 6th doctor two years later and they are still calling it scar tissue. It gets bigger and smaller, so clearly not tissue, but the cyst again.
We read the Operation report and the Post-Op report from the doctor that perfomed the surgury. No where in the operating report does it say the surgeon tried to find a source for the cyst and laser treat it. He simply removed the cyst, cleaned the wound, and closed it. THEN, heres the kicker, the post op check up report says he removed stitches and put new bandages on it. HE DIDNT DO ANY OF THAT. I was in the room with her. He was in and out in five minutes. Leaving us to pull out stitches up to 3 weeks later.

I feel definite medical negligence here. Any opinions? Also he leaves blanks in some of his records where there should be a descriptive word about functioning body part. such as "The scaphoid Tubercle was ________and the soft tissue over that was debrided" He literally leaves blanks with a underline.
Its been almost two and a half years and shes at the point of getting nerve blocks in her neck. I feel this is simply like putting a band-aid on skin cancer considering she has a massive bulge putting pressure on her medial nerve which will cause inflammation of everything else showing the same symptoms of most hand trauma.

So they have settle with calling it RSD....Every doctor we have been too beats around the bush. We've had countless MRI's(with and without contrast), Arthrograms, x rays, CTs. Every single one is different. One will show evidence of missing tendons while some say there is no evidence of her ever having a fracture at all?????. And all these doctors simply blow these things off and are persistent on therapy and drugs. EVEN the therapist said she cant work with this type of mass in her hand.


PLEASE HELP US we are broke don't know where else to turn.

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