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Please help knee pain after fall.

Hello about a month ago I slipped and fell on my bad knee I had bilateral knee pain several months ago and am slightly over weight. I had Euflexxa injections bilaterally and have been losing weight. My right knee is the one that hurts more after the injections my pain did go away. I slipped and fell on my right knee I walk a lot for work and have been having pain and bruising since the fall. It gets worse by the end of the day it is a burning sensation behind my knee and to the middle of my thigh and calf. There is a bump on the top of my knee and it is in the middle it hurts a lot. Please help I go to the dr. next week!
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It is very important to protect your knees and legs. You should always wear proper footwear and consider all your cardio activities on stable surfaces. You should restrict exercise and cardio on hard surfaces. You should be careful with regard to falls, blows and strikes involving your knee joint.

As you had the fall there is a strong possibility of ligament injuries and subsequent knee joint instability. Get an MRI done and get yourself examined by an orthopedician.

You can continue taking pain killers intermittently and also apply ice packs for relief.

You might be having osteoarthritis as you are taking euflexxa injection which is a highly purified hyaluronan supplement; you can confirm osteoarthritis by a simple X-ray.

Take care!
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