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Plexus pain and hand/arm numbness

Dear members of this forum,
I had an accident 6 months ago. I was riding a bike and I hit a car in the moment it suddenly turned around. I didn’t fall, but from the breaking all my muscles on the right back side and arm contracted and some sort of pressure happened during the crash. 4 hours later, I started having pain in my right back side in the plexus area as well as the scapula area. This was followed by shaking in my right arm and numbness.

I went to couple of doctors and I did all the things they advised me to do. I took therapies and did exercises, pills etc. The first 6 therapies were only massages, than I was advised to go to manual therapy. I think the doctor was a Chiropracticioner. She was trying to straighten up my spine, but the condition stayed the same. I took 15 therapies recently that involved electrodes (electricity), ultrasound, massage and magnet on my right back side. Neither did that work. I have done an X-ray on the upper spine area and the shoulder. The doctors that examined those said that I didn’t have a discus problem that was coming from the spine, and the shoulder area looked fine. That was confirmed with the magnet resonance findings on the same places. The Neurologist that did the EMG on my back and arm, although my hand was shaking at the time I did the examination, told me that the nerve is not disconnected but is probably pressured somewhere (at that time he advised me to take the manual therapy).

The symptoms are:
I feel pain in my right back side, plexus area, sometimes near the scapula. Sometimes I feel the pain on the right side of my neck and sometimes I feel a headache on the right back side of my head. If I am standing and I move my right arm up from the right side, couple of times, I feel pain in the area between the neck and the shoulder.
The feeling transfers to my right arm. In some position of my arm when I move my fingers they start shaking. Like when I try to eat with my right arm, the pain in my plexus area grows bigger, some muscles between the shoulder and the elbow feel week. The numb feeling varies. Sometimes I wake up with my whole hand numb, sometimes just the pinky, the ring finger and the middle are numb.
The third problem I have is that I feel popping at 2 places where the spine and the ribs join together (on the right side of the spine). This happens when I breathe in and mostly when I am sitting and my back side is leaned towards my knees. These started appearing in the middle of the manual therapy.

Recently I went to another orthopedist and she told me that I should take Kinesitherapy. This, I understand involves exercises. In the past 2/3 months every second day I went swimming (3 styles, 500m – 1 km), I do stretching for my spasms in the back side, but all stayed the same. I asked the orthopedist if there could be some other kind of tissue forming in my back side (blood cloth, some muscle abnormality – I really don’t know the medical terms) and she said that any abnormality would be seen on the magnet resonance shots taken on the upper spine and the shoulder, although this pain originates in the plexus area. Now, I have some skepticism regarding this, since every doctor I went to, predicted that these problems will slowly lower down, but this didn’t happen. I will take the Kinesitherapy, but I am afraid that by the time I take the therapy (2/3 months), I would miss the chance to locate the exact problem and take appropriate therapy. This is why I ask you:
Is there any chance that I have some abnormalities in the muscles, nerves in the right back side? The orthopedist said that even if I had these abnormalities, that by this time they turned into dead tissue and I would have to exercise so the other muscles could compensate for the lack of the damaged ones.
Is there a way to detect these abnormalities? Where I live, they don’t have a magnet resonance that takes shots of the plexus area. They suggested me an echo, but someone told me that the echo couldn’t see the muscles below. Are there any other ways? Do I need any of these? Will it do any good if I do these examinations now?
Should I look for a special plexus orthopedist? This is something that I cannot find here, neither.

I would really appreciate if someone would explain me what is going on and could try to answer these questions.

Kind Regards,
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