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Popping back of left knee

Bending knee after putting weight on it often causes painless popping/clicking noises. Bending it with weight still applied causes louder clicking/popping. I have to be standing on it for a few minutes before it starts happening, like when you're brushing your teeth or standing in the shower.

The clicking seems to be closest to the lateral posterior outside of the left knee, near the upper calf. Possibly meniscus related.

A couple months ago I injured my left knee doing lunges. The pain was really bad, both the front and back of the knee. I never experienced clicking/popping in that knee prior. But suddenly it was happening all the time. As the pain subsided the clicking/popping got worse.

It has been a couple months, the clicking/popping still very much there. I tried working out again for the first time in months last Wednesday, and felt nothing during the workout or afterwards. Not until I woke up from terrible pain several hours later did I know I had done something wrong. The pain was definitely located where the clicking/popping seems to be most prominent, the outside lateral posterior of the knee. The pain slowly subsided until Saturday when it was gone, but the instability I experienced prior to the re-injury returned.

I have had medical attention on it. I had an MRI on it just last Friday morning. The MRI only found a strained patellar tendon. It is true I have experienced pain in the patellar region and also where the patellar tendon is located, so I'm not surprised at this finding. What I am surprised is that it found nothing in the area of the knee that has been the most troublesome to me, the back of the knee in the lateral region.

I've been researching online like crazy and still not really a clue as to what the problem could be?
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