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Possible AVN or Osteoarthritis?

I am 23 years old, 5"9 145lbs, Caucasian/South Asian Male

I was diagnosed with having level 4 stress fractures in both of my femoral necks and level 2 stress fractures in each of my ankles, in November of 2016, I was near the end of basic training and due to what I'm assuming was these sprint exercises we did on the track, followed by shuttle sprints and then an 8 mile ruck ended up hurting me pretty bad. I was put on crutches and calcium pills until they were able to do all of the necessary tests. I also was found to have Edema within my femoral necks

During this, a Lieutenant Colonel Ortho ordered that I not do any physically demanding activities and would not do any rucks or marching. It was required for me to be driven around in this van with other hurt people, as embarrassing as that was haha.

Anyways, even during all of this, where the pain was so severe in my hips, thighs and lower back, When I found out, I had originally went in for a severe stabbing pain in my butt. It had felt like someone had progressively just been digging a knife deeper and deeper into my butt bone, which then I did a Bone Scan and MRI that day.

A week later I was recommended for discharge and when I gave the notice to my drill sergeants, they took my crutches away and forced me to ruck with them, carry my own bag which was about 50lbs and walk 3 miles to some ceremony and told me to literally "go **** myself" when I mentioned that I had orders not to do any of those things. Needles to say I was in crippling pain and went back, finding out my injuries had gotten worse and they wanted to put pins and whatnot into my femoral necks. I refused as they said it was possible for them to heal naturally.

So I opted for that, because I wanted to do the most to prevent it. Six months later and I'm still having pain, when I left they said the injuries had healed a surprising amount but I still get many different types of pain, which I will explain now.

So not constantly but I will sometimes get these really uncomfortable pains that go from the front top of my pelvic bone? Where the V line begins and wraps around the top of my hip to the back, near my back dimple. It is a pressure pain, on the inner side of the bone, not the outside of the hip, it's hard to explain, but it's as if there is pressure from in-between hip and side, pushing out both ways and I get this pain in both hips and often times it will last anywhere from 30 minutes to hours until I rest or sit down, which sometimes even sitting causes pain.

Then I get really bad pains in my like thigh bone, I believe that is my femur. It starts from the top of my femur and jolts down, within the bone, like a pressure pain, often times feeling like my bone is being squeezed very hard, I get this on both sides.

Recently, I have started community college and had to walk around campus, I barely walked that far and began feeling sharp pains within my femur, as if there was a blade slicing through the inside of my bone. It isn't a constant pain, but it happens often when I walk around for more than 50 ft.

I have also been getting swelling in my feet, along with minor pain in my ankles but that could likely be unrelated, I'm not sure.

I'm mostly just worried about these hip pains and how they are still persisting this long after. My mother has Avascular Necrosis and so I am somewhat familiar with it. She has both hips replaced and apparently has it in other parts of her body as well, shoulder Hemis ect.

Anyways, do these symptoms sound like one of these things and should I be worried? I only have Medi-Cal unfortunately and have been calling to find a doctor who is accepting patients for a primary care, so I can get a referral to an ortho.

The VA office where I live recommended I go file for disability due to these problems and my tinnitus. I have yet to go down, but I should probably get started on that and make an appointment with the VA Hospital. Although until I get a disability percentage, if I do; I will not be able to be seen there I believe, aside from them diagnosing this problem.

I just wanted to see my own doctor first and then move from there. I'm just worried these are early signs of AVN or Osteoarthritis. Thanks in advance and if you need any other information, I'll answer anything you need to know.
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