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Possible Cellulitis after closed ankle fracture? (F 21)

Cleanly broken fibula, not displaced, no surgery advised, no cast, given boot.

By day 3 (Oct 9th) after fracture I could bear minimal weight on my ankle (as advised by orthos). I was walking around on crutches just fine. I woke up on day 5 (Oct 11th) with almost all of my swelling and inflammation down to nothing. However when I tried to prop myself in the upright position i felt an excruciating pinching sensation wrapping around ankle. Unbearable pain, worse than Day 1. Only relief from elevating foot (as i have been doing since day 1). But as soon as I stand or sit up (no weight bearing) I feel the heavy twisting, pinching, burning, fire sensation.

Update: Night of Oct/14th ended up in ER bc pain got worse, pain started to wrap around my toes, top of foot, and right side bone. Numbness and tingling started. Upon arrival was told it was a good thing I came in as the redness and inflammation was alarming. They struggled to find my pulse on the top of my foot so they pulled out an ultrasound to find it. Ortho in ER said nerve pain from a fibulae fracture should not occur as it is not where most of the weight bears. After 11 hours at the ER a blood clot was ruled out after a pelvis, leg, and foot ultrasound that concluded there was no clot. They prescribed me keflex as they suspected it was an infection, but were very honest with me that the possibility is bizarre because my fracture did not break through the skin. What is odd to me is that the pain is when I do not elevate my leg? Pain is not directly related to fibula. Toes are starting to get numb.
Elevated WBC, low potassium, and high D-dimer value from blood tests.
Is there any alternative explanation to this? Could it be another type of infection?
I’ve also been taking a lot of iburprofen and read on one of these forums someone had a reaction to it.
Will give more details if asked.
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