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Possible Discoid Meniscus-3 year old

My daughter, almost 4, has been complaining of left knee pain for a year and a half. First it was i the middle of the night. She would wake up hysterical. Then she started to complain during the day. We figured it was growing pains at first and then consulted with a pediatric rheumatologist. She ruled out systemic arthritis but did say she was reacting to her exam of her left knee and to keep an eye on it. After another 6 months of intermittent late night crying episodes, noticing a popping sound and some very expensive sneakers we saw a pediatric orthopedist last week. After X rays and an exam he immediately said he thought it was discoid lateral meniscus and ordered an MRI (under anesthesia because of her age).  I am scared to find out if he is right and to have to weigh the options.

If it is torn and she needs surgery, what is the recovery like?  Are there any long term effects?  

I can't seem to find much information about this condition.

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Hi there!

The management of discoid meniscus would depend on its type and the associated symptoms. While mild-moderate cases are best managed with conservative therapy; surgery is reserved for severe ones. Surgery is quite successful, while the long term effects are similar to a meniscal repair. It would be best to discuss the management plan in detail with her treating orthopedician after a definite diagnosis is made.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Thank you.  Her MRI was yesterday and her knee is normal.  Her Dr is recommending physical therapy to strengthen the knee.
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