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(Possibly) Injured My Knee

I recently fell on 5/7/14 when stepping down into my living room, on a dog toy, and when I fell I went down on my right hip (which is how I usually land when I fall). What immediately hurt after the fall wasn't the hip, but both of my knees. I've had a lateral release on my right knee done back in 2003, and the fall re-irritated that. Immediately after the fall the back of my left knee was very painful as was around the kneecap.  

What hurts the most four days after the fall, is the left knee. If I keep it up, ice it, and use compression, I'm fine. But, when I move and walk around a lot, like I did on Friday and Saturday the 9th and 10th working in the yard, it was very painful.

When I'm not moving, the back of the knee doesn't hurt. It is only the side and right above the kneecap. If I walk a lot, or put my weight on the knee, the back of the knee starts to hurt. On the 10th of May, when I was done working, the knee was swollen above the kneecap and the back was really swollen. I could barely walk and I didn't sleep well. One wrong move and I was awake and I'm a very sound sleeper.  

Now, I still have full range of motion with the knee, albeit painful when either full extended or when I squat. I tend to squat a lot versus bending over because of back issues. It aggravates the back of the knee when I bend it to cross my legs or keep it bent in any angle for too long. I kept my leg up most of the day, and the pain on the back was greatly alleviated. Until I had to get up and walk.

The two worries I have, if the PRICE regime doesn't help in a couple of weeks, of some sort of serious injury and with needing surgery. I'm not into sports, but I do tend to be pretty active and I assist my Mom with the caregiving of my father who had a stroke four years ago.

Any ideas, suggestions for exercises (to check for specific type of injury, rehabilitation), or for questions to ask my primary care doctor when I see him on the 22nd (if the knee is still an issue then) would be greatly appreciated.  
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