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Post Meniscus Surgery Hematoma

14 days after artho meniscus surgery I have developed a hematoma.  Dr. says it is probably from the fluid used during surgery.  Very bad cramp between the back of the knee to mid calf and also swelling.  No blood clot shown in the Doppler.  What should I do for pain?  How to help the swelling - heat or ice?  Leg up?  Not sure what to do to correct the pain and swelling.  Stockings???  How will activity affect this issue?
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Hi there!

You could ask our doctor for pain killers if the pain is severe. Do not elevate the leg; try to keep it at body level. Ice-packs may help relieve the pain and you could use stocking as well. The level of activity is best advised by your treating doctor. If the haematoma is large and discomforting, it may need to be evaluated.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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