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Post Surgery Rotator Cuff Surgery

I had a complete tear of the rotator cuff on my left shoulder repaired 4 weeks ago using the micro surgery and my shoulder bone was shaved and a pin screwed in to anchor the repair.

The most discomfort I am expierenceing is a very painful Bicep muscle spasims mostly at night. And my shoulder blade muscle on my left back feels as if I have a knife in at times.

My arm is out of the sling and i can only raise my arm waist level high and have not started any PT as of yet until Oct 18th with the VA Hospital.

Why does my upper shoulder blade muscle feel this way? Am i over using my arm by letting it hang and not using a sling create pressure causing this?

I understand the bi -cep muscle is connected to the rotator cuff but why so much more pain there instead of the actual surgery site?  Any info would be a big Help.

My full tear was due to a fall of about 10 feet off a porch and landing on my shoulder...

This tear and recovery is VERY VERY Painfull......

Thank You...

Terry                       ***@****

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