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Post hip replacement question

I have a question regarding a hip replacement the was done 6 months ago.. My first issue is that over the past 4 months my new hip has started clicking when i walk.. The best way i can describe it is to compare it to driving over a speed bump.. if I place my hand on my leg as i walk and my leg rotates i can feel something pop out and back in  almost like something is blocking the rotation.. There is minimal to no pain but the feeling is very uncomfortable and makes me worry. My surgeon says it is a tendon snagging as it passes over the implant caused by tendentious . i have never heard of this, It it's not improving and seems to be getting worse and searching the net i cannot find anyone withe a similar issue.. My second concern is that prior to surgery i was told i would have a 5 to 8 inch scar on my hip.. I awoke to a 11 inch vertical scar on buttocks and a second scar on my waistline around my belt area.. The second scar is 5 inches long and horizontal.. My surgeon told me this was normal and needed to get an accurate measurement for my leg length..  Are these issues normal or is my surgeon possibly trying to hide a mistake during surgery.... Should i find a new doctor?
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