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Post lateral release pain
Hello, Doc. I had a scope about 10 days ago on my right knee; i had previous surgeries on my left knee including a torn ACL repair, 2 scopes, and a lateral release.  During the scope, the surgeon removed several bone pieces from my tibia, shaved the tibia down to better allow my kneecap to sit in the correct place, and did a lateral release-i think. The release is not on the physical therapy RX,  and my parents remember that the surgeon said he found a torn ligament- they do not remember which ligament. I was too out of it after surgery to remember what he said that he did. The second time i went to P.T., the therapist stated that he had spoken with the clinic nurse who informed him that they had done nothing with any of the ligaments. The PT therapist worked me pretty hard for 40 minutes, then iced the knee for 10 minutes.
I could barely stand after wards, and since then there is a sharp stabbing pain in my posterior knee area- not in the calf, but in the knee itself. The scars are the basic four small scope hole scars and a 5 - 6 inch long vertical scar on the outside of the front of my knee.
I am still getting the extremely sharp stabbing pains behind my knee on occasion when i stand or walk, and the knee is now popping sometimes- the pain when it comes is bad enough to bring tears to my eyes. I do not remember the last lateral release being this bad, and there were no scars from the lateral release except for the 4 small scope scars.
I am reluctant to go back to physical therapy until i can speak with the surgeon myself. |I went for my 1 week follow up on Tuesday, but he was on vacation. The Doc that was filling in said that there was a lateral release performed on the knee during surgery, but there were not any ligament tears.
I have been taking 3 10mg vicodin a day, applying ice, and i seem to get a bit more stability if i wrap the knee tightly in cotton and then wrap it with an ace bandage.
I do not want to further damage the knee, and i am a bit wary of going back to PT until i have spoken with my surgeon in person.
Do you have any idea what the pain behind the knee could be? I don't remember having this much trouble before.
thank you very much!

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