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Prolonged 10 years swelling with pain on the right side of the right leg patella.

i have a swelling on my right leg. 10 years back i had a bruise in the same location that just faded in a month along with the pain. But later years i used to have pain when i used to strain my leg It used to be just for an hour or so. but now the pain stays longer. I had gone to a doc and he says it'll vanish and he gave me Tenan 0.25 capsule and Naprosyn 500 capsule. According to him there's no problem in my X-rays and blood reports. I just wanted to make sure that he may be right???  or should i try another Doc??
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Maybe you should try another Doc. X-rays and blood tests will not show any soft tissue problems. I would have ordered a MRI ASAP. This sounds like PFS (patellar-femoral-syndrome) or a problem with your lateral collateral ligament. Get the MRI! Best of luck!
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Thankyou .. I was so confused... ahh that's a solution....
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