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Radial head removal--long term effects??

hiya all,
i injured my radial head when i was about 8  years old and got pins in to hold it together, it has only worked for so long and its not fixable now so they are just taking it out completely. i will be getting long term pt im just not too sure of the long term effects of getting this done. my GP said it is not a good idea to get this done at my age (22) i also have atheritis in the area of my elbow due to the injury. i have one person saying it might work there is a 1 in 10 chance my arm will be pain free but also might not work and it can make things worse but my GP is suggesting i dont get it done at all so im in 2 minds weather to get it done or not. i am getting pt at the moment untill surgery, my GP said that also is a bad idea as because it will make my arm more painfull due to atheritis, but my consultant said it will help, so i dont know, i am not getting a prothesis put into place, there are not replacing my radial head with anything as they dont do that where i live. so am i going to have a big hole in my arm that is noticeable??
thank you in advance
sam x
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