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Recovery time for acl and meniscus repair

I had acl and meniscus repair surgery April 30.  I'm still partial weight baring and unable to walk.
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Hello Dear,
Recovery time for these surgeries varies, with an average range of 12 to 16 weeks regarding meniscus repair. Patients are enrolled in a rehabilitation program during this period.
Following ACL surgery, the patient enters a rehabilitation program to restore strength, stability, and range of motion to the knee. Recovery time varies, with a period from about 6 to 9 months representing the average People heal differently from one another and a variety of factors influence recovery, including the presence of associated injury or disease and the amount of time the patient has to commit to a physical therapy program.

Assessment of recovery is based on restoration of muscle strength, range of motion, and proprioception or joint position sense. The degree of pain associated with ACL recovery also varies and can be addressed successfully with medication.You should continue with physical therapy and followup your physician regulary..
h http:// http://www.hss.edu/conditions_14142.aspwww.hss.edu/co http://www.hss.edu/condit http://www.hss.edu/conditions_14142.aspions http://www.hss.edu/conditions_1414 htttt  Refer http://www.hss.edu/conditions_14142.asph
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Hi there,

Out of curiosity, how are you now? I had an allograft and meniscal repair September 25, and still on crutches, can walk properly, just hit 100 degrees flexion painfully and have a fair amount of anterior pain, especially after crutching around. I have been luck to be able to work from home during this time but have to get back to the office, which is in another city - requiring planes, trains and automobiles and I don't know how I will do it, with out lots of pain, swelling and low energy from it all. IS there an end in sight? I feel that I am really behind and show have more mobility - be back at things. Am I expecting too much? what is a reasonable time frame for this. I am a 42 year old female with two active kids, am fairly active myself- tore my acl playing soccer.
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2nd time around with ACL and Medial Meniscus tear.  1st time was in 1994, I tore them in my left knee, now I am 33 and tore them in my right knee. I had one month of PT prior  to my surgery where I got my range of motion back and strengthened leg muscles.  I selected the cadaver ligament over the other two options, esp since in 94 I had my patella tendon used and it has never been the same since.  Numb, freaks me out to shave, NO ONE can go near it, hurts badly if i ever hit it on anything.  Again.. this is 15 years later.  SO happy I went with the cadaver this time, however I am having a lot of pain at the tunnel sights, esp the one that they made by the tibia/shin.  In reading more, I have learned that the Claxo Bone screw may be causing my severe discomfort.  I had surgery Oct 30th, it's over 2 weeks later and I still cannot stand on crutches without a lot of pain at the tunnel sights.  Is this normal?  I am worried.  I can't remember for the life of me what the recovery time was like last time, however, surgery was also extremely different.  I'm an active 33 yr old woman, tore it playing in a volleyball game.  I can't seem to find anyone who is complaining about the tunnel sights, mine protrude, even more when I go vertical....
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