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Result times following surgery?

I've just had carpal tunnel release surgery performed on my right hand and am wondering how long it takes most cases to feel relief from the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. In all my research I've read that it can take days, weeks or even months. Just wondering if anyone can help shed some light on this.
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in alot of cases it is imadiatly put it all is determand on how long you had the symptoms. just think of it this way if the median nerve was compresed so long that it stopped working all together that 1-2 cm a month is it return rate but at 6 weeks you should be cleard to perform heavy task but take it slow and return to normal activity slowly so not to compramise the release. and do do the scar massage and the nerve gliding exercises that you should be getting.  
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My wife had bilateral carpal tunnel surgery a few years ago. The doctor took the bandages off 8 days later and she felt a huge improvement right away; after years of pain and weakness she really couldn't believe it. She took it real easy as directed and both wrists continued to improve steadily. Best wishes to you!
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