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Safe way to increase of bone size


I would like to ask you, experts, is there any safe way to increase bones length using medicine / science?
I've already achieved adult age several years ago, so my bones / height don't grow anymore (naturally).

My question might sound weird for you, but I'll explain why am I asking that. The thing is that I've been playing piano for a years, but I unfortunately my hands aren't big enough to play chords and intervals I want (just a regular ones, or probably even a little bit smaller than average male hands), I need to do something to increase the length of my fingers a little bit (3-7mm for each finger should give me +1cm for a hand span [probably a little bit more]), and I try to find a way to do that using science.

I know about flexibility, stretch and all these things, I tried to use my hands as good as I can, but still ... I want to increase my hand span / size of my hand / length of my fingers a little bit.

Is there something in medicine, science which can help me to achieve this?

Thank you.
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Though your genes are a contributing factor for how tall you can grow, the rest are in your hands. All you have to do is take a few measures to ensure your bone growth in length, which means a very good improvement in your height. These measures include taking the factors that contribute to lengthening and working on them. These factors include changing your lifestyle into a healthy one and letting go of the habits that hurt your chances. Here are some tips to increase bone growth in length.

Healthy Eating Habits

What you eat, how you eat, and when you eat can determine a lot about your health. Having healthy eating habits will ensure that your body is getting what it needs at the right times. Because there will be many chemical and growth processes going on in your body all the time, and if you miss on supplying nutrients for these processes, you will be, without doubt, missing on your chances for further growth. So, make sure that you are eating your meals at the right times and not missing on any. It is also important to ensure that you are taking a balanced diet.

Staying Physically Active

It is not enough to eat and expect your bones to grow in length. It takes making your body move and giving it the exercise it needs to let it grow. Staying physically active also increases your body’s uptake of all the necessary nutrients it needs to grow. You can start playing sports, take up dancing, hiking, or just running or jogging; any physical activity on a regular basis without fail will let your body grow stronger and taller. So, go on and start getting your body active.

Learning Stress Management

Managing both physical and mental stress is necessary to let your body not tire down too much. When your body gets tired beyond being able to rejuvenate, it can severely hamper various metabolic activities in your body. So, learn to effectively manage your stress by taking enough rest and getting proper sleep, or by participating in activities that will lighten up your mind and body.

Nutritional Supplements

You should ensure that your body is being supplied with enough nutrients. In case, you notice any deficiency or feel that you require a little more help to satisfy your body’s needs for a certain nutrient, you can always opt for supplements. But, consult a doctor and validate the reason for these supplements. Your doctor will also be able to suggest, prescribe, or correct the kind of supplements you really require.
With a little effort to get your health right you will be able to give your body the chance it deserves to grow and stay happy. Following the above tips for bone growth in length will improve your bone’s health, density, and length over time and help you become taller.

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