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Sciatic nerve and heel lift

Well.. My 5th lumbar is together with my sacral, that makes mi sciatic nerve go crazy and I get a lot of pain... but this time is diferent... the doctor find out that my right leg is shorter than my left, and told  me to buy this heel lift, he said that I should use one first and then put two together.. well... the first three days was great, I actually felt a change.. I was able to do staff around the house... That went on for about three days, for christmas, my leg was in pain... I thought it was for the heat of the oven.. I was cooking a lot.... but no.. it got worst... right now is like my body is completely out of place... my hips are in an oblicual line compared to my legs... and the left side of my lower back, mi hips, and my left leg are in a horrible and constant pain.. is like I have belts all around that are putting pressure.. my left but chick is num, and feels hot, is considerable bigger than the right one, and there is no antiinflmatory or pain killer that helps... My doctor is out of town... i dont now what to do.. i got to the point that I start crying when my husband ask me how I feel.. I am in a terrible mood... and I really dont want to take more medication... if there is any exercise, or stretching thing that i can do to  ease the pain... I cant aford the emergency room... realy need some help..
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     How are you? There are two possibilities for your condition, that are sciatica and the other is cellulitis or infection. If there is infection then you might experience warmth, redness, swelling and pain in the limb, as you are having all these symptoms I feel it more of a infectious origin. Appropriate antibiotics can help clearing up the infection.

Sciatica manifests itself with pain, aching, numbness, tingling etc. Surgical release of the nerve can help relieve from symptoms. It is difficult to say without examination and investigations, what it is.
Consult your primary care physician until your doctor return.
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I am a bit better... yesterday my father in law send me to his chiropractor, and he say that the sciatic is not that bad, but the heel lift made my pain worst, and took my hole hip out of place... he started working on me.. feels a bit better... but my leg is still num... I had to drive today, and now I am soffering the consecuences.. my car is stick shift, and now my leg is in a lot of pain... my husband is going to drive to see the chiropractor, and after i will probably come back home and try to sleep my pain away... About the infection... the only reason that I can think about is the fact that i have an IUD that they are going to take away in january... I dont know.. I will like to know more about it.. I hope that is not what I have.. Thank you...
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