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Septic Arthritis

Last year I got septic arthritis in my left knee. Had 10 bouts of surgery on my knee to washout the knee. I still get alot of pain in my knee.

I had had a recent MRI which no one can explain to me satisfactorely. Hope you can be of help.

The MRI states:

"Severe degeneration of the medial and lateral menisci noted with fraying of the articular surface and inner free edge of the menisci. No ligament injury is seen. There is severe attenuation and irregularity of the cartilage of the femoro tibial joints. Diffuse nonspecific thickening (minor degree) of the synovium noted. No joint effusion is seen."

Hoping you can explain this to me in layman terms and also is this why I am still experiencing so much pain.

Thanking you

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Hi there!

Well, your MRI shows evidence of degeneration or severe damage to the menisci and the lining cartilage of the bones that form the knee joint. The menisci are fibrocartilaginous semicircular structures located one on either side, that help to decrease the contact area between the bones; thus reducing friction and serve as ‘shock absorbers’, aiding in smooth movements. This is also thickening of the synovium (inner fibrous covering of the knee joint), that is associated with long standing/ chronic infection/ inflammations. You may like to consult your orthopedician for possible management options.
Hope this was helpful.

Take care!
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From what i can understand.. Your ligaments and bones are fine which is good news but your menisci and cartilage are severely damaged. You were probably physically active which is why this has happened. I don't know if any other surgery will do you any good. What i can say is, stick with physical therapy and you might have to take injections on your knee. I don't think these things are curable. A specialist can tell you better.
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