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Severe bilateral hip pain

What could be wrong, I have had bilateral hip pain...so much that I can't work...for about one week. MD says X-rays were normal, waiting on lab work. Any ideas?
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If this is an acute pain then it can be due to any injury, fall and involvement of muscles and ligaments and for this you would need MRI for diagnosis.

If you have this since long then rule out bursa involvement.

Wait for your lab results and rule out Rheumatoid arthritis, Rheumatic fever, osteoarthritis and go for a spinal X-ray and MRI of lower spine and hip.

Take care!
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I agree with Priddy44 with waiting for labs - definitely have to r/o RA....OA most likely would have shown up on xrays....MRI of hips/sacrum/lower spine would also help...you mentioned you've had the pain for a week but have you ever had it before?  Did it come on suddenly without notice or injury or was it gradual?  No falls/injuries/over-exertion type activities?

I hope you're feeling some relief soon!
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Please MAKE your doctors give you an MRI of your hips/pelvis!! I (not any of my doctors!!) finally requested one after almost 3 months of pain, and low and behold, there was something found!
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I have had severe left hip pain for over a year now but now it has also moved to my right hip and groin area please someone help???
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