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Sharp but not constant rib pain

My Husband has been experiencing a sharp stabbing take his breath away pain, but short term pain on his left side of his rib cage. I t only happens when he rolls on his side. But he can poke and prod that area after the pain subsides and nothing, not even a tender spot. He has no trouble breathing, no chest pain. He did unstack move, load and restack 150 computers and 75 crt monitors 24 hours before the pain came. Any thoughts on the possible causes?
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Could be a muscle but since it is on the left side, same side as his heart, i would go to a doctor and have him checked out.
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Tell him to rest for couple of days, apply some ice packs on his chest and also ask him to take some pain killers.

If the pain continues then get a chest X-ray done and follow up with an orthopedician.

Take care!
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