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Shattered calcaneous

I fell from a ladder trying to adjust claims from hurricane Sandy on 11/4/12 and shattered my heel. Since I have no insurance I had to forego surgery and just let it heal on its own. I had huge fracture blisters and spent two months in splints, one month in a hard cast, one month in an inflatable boot and am now trying to walk on it, with a cane.

I am experiencing pain on the outside of my left ankle and swelling & discoloration of my foot and ankle. It turns an interesting shade of purple. (It is my left foot...)

Is there any danger of further complicating the damage by trying to walk at this point? I am trying to stretch out the achelies and get more mobility from the ankle. Am I crazy to be trying this on my own?  Any suggestions?

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Hi there!

Well, without knowing the relevant clinical details or a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to comment specifically on the situation. Unless the fractures have healed appropriately, as conformed by radiographs, there may be a risk of further degeneration/ complications. Other possibilities that may need to be considered include fracture non-union, mal-union, ligament/ tendon injuries, inflammation etc. I would suggest getting this evaluated by a general practioner or preferably an orthopedician for an accurate diagnosis and suggestion of an appropriate management plan.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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I broke my distal fibula a few days before you and have been walking without the boot since mid january. I still have pain and stiffness, and you can expect pain, swelling and that discoloration for months and months. It sounds like you had some medical attention since you had a cast etc, but I would highly recommend getting a Dr to see you again for more follow up plus can you do any PT? You need help with this ankle stuff, its not simple at all! Were you working as an adjuster? Wouldn't that make this injury covered by workers comp? I wish you the best with your healing Barry! I have found this broken ankle a very LONG and difficult experience.
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