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Should I do something about my toe that has been broken for years?

I broke my toe when I was young, too young to even talk or remember anything about it. My parents weren’t aware of it and neither was I until YEARS later. It then turned out to happen when I was riding a bike with my cousin and got my foot caught in the chain. it’s my middle toe, and it doesn’t bend. it doesn’t ever hurt or anything. I’m just curious will it lead to any problems in the long run..
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Who knows?  My understanding is, there really isn't that much done about broken digits.  They are placed in a brace so they heal as straight as possible but it's not like what they do with a broken arm or the like.  I dislocated a finger, and the doc just said, you want it fast or slow (medicated), I said fast, and he put it back together and that was it.  I think you're fine.
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My husband has had broken fingers and toes and didn't get treatment for it.  Me?  I'd be at the ER and have it put in one of those funky finger or toes taped all up.  But he never did.  So, his finger bends funny now and so does a toe.  Does it cause any issues?  No. Not at this time.  But it could down the line.  Osteoarthritis is the main worry.  If you have another break, just take the toe to the one next to it.  And at your next physical, ask your doctor about it.
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