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Should I go get my knee checked or will it heal by itself?

Last week I fell directly onto my right knee on a tiled floor. It was swollen for about three days and I couldn’t walk for two of those days. The swelling has gone down, it is bruised a lot but I can walk on it again. However, if I accidentally bang it off something shooting/pulsating pains radiates down my leg and stays for about five minutes. I thought it was just the bruises but the bruises don’t hurt when I touch them. I have noticed my knee has a dip/dent in it near the top and hurts a little when you apply pressure. Does anyone know what this is and if it will go away on its own or if I need to seek help?
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This is a helpful decision tool by familydoctor.org for common problems:


Based on the history you have provided, you should seek medical attention.
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Hello and how are you doing?  Is there any update with your knee?  If this is still going on with intermittent pain, absolutely have it checked out by your doctor.  Most common injuries after a fall are ligament tear, soft tissue tear, dislocations or fractures.  Worth looking into if it has lasted this long.  
The swelling is gone and the bruising is gone. It is still sore to touch but not as painful. It did feel stiff for a while but it is manageable now. Just feels like the bone is bruised at the top.
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