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Should I opt for surgery on my metatarsal fracture

A CT scan has revealed that I have an undisplaced transverse fracture through the base of my fifth metatarsal through to the proximal / lateral margin of the 5th tarsal-metatarsal joint. Upon viewing my imaging a consultant orthopaedic surgeon advised (via hospital outpatient staff) that conservative treatment with a moon boot should be sufficient. However I believe I have good reason to question this decision. I am a 35 year old leading an athletic life -  the injury was the result of trauma caused by a training injury. Many hours of research suggest to me that my fracture could be considered a Zone 2 or Jones fracture. The ambiguity lies in the where the fracture terminates. If the fracture was not at the junction of the 5th tarsus and 4th metatarsus then the diagnosis could be much more unequivocal. As it is there is a question over whether it should be considered an avulsion fracture. If so, then the indication is for conservative treatment. However if it is a Zone 2 fracture then my active lifestyle would indicate that at a minimum I should be in a short cast for at least six weeks. In that case the moon boot just wouldn't cut it.  My quandary is further complicated by the fact that I am currently not in the place where I reside. I live in a more rural situation with less access to healthcare services and I would really like to have this resolved as soon as possible before I need to return home. This is my leg and my life and I don't want to take any chances. Has anyone else out there had a similar experience? Is anyone in a position to provide advice on what they think is the best path forward.
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Hi and welcome. This is always hard. The internet is full of information and that is great but then we really question our doctors. Which is okay.  I would talk to your orthpod again and bring up what you think after doing your research. Get their feeling on it.  In general, surgery is invasive while the more conservative things are not.  I understand your concern, but surgery has its own risks of complications that will impact your training and sports life.  Personally, I go with the less invasive option first to give it a shot and then move on to the more invasive procedure.  Your other option is to see a second doctor for a second opinion.  It's your life and your body and it's worth feeling confident in what you are being told.
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