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Should I see a Ortho or neuro doctor?

I'm having throbbing nerve pain, standing more than a minute I get sciatica pain that runs down my right leg. Standing also makes my right butt cheek and thigh to go numb. My right big toe is numb 24/7. A lot of stiffness in lower back. Clicking noises in lower back when I move sometimes.

L3/4 - 2mm broad right foraminal disc protrusion.minimal facet arthrosis.

L4/5 - Spina bifida occulta. 1mm broad disc bulge. Mild to moderate right sided neural foraminal narrowing with slight impingement of exiting l4 nerve root. Sacralized transverse process of l5 bilaterally. Advanced degeneration articular facet arthrosis with hypertrophy of the articular process. Marginal hypertrophic spurring and bilateral vacuum phenomenon, right more than left

L5/S1 - 2mm broad disc bulge with unroofing superiorly. Facet degenerative joint disease is mild on left and moderate on the right, including moderate left and large right effusions. Foraminal stenosis is mild bilaterally. transitional lumbosacral segement, designated to be lumbarized S1 for this report. Based on this, the conus medullaris reaches the upper aspect of L2. There is a 1mm anterolisthesis at L5/S1.
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