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Shoulder Instability and Osteoarthritis


I have just got my results of my MRI and apparently I have Osteoarthritis. I was diagnosed a few months ago with complete sholder instability and was told I was going to have surgery. I do not have any bankhart lesions but I have a small gap where some bone should be and a few small tears on some ligaments.

I have another appointment with my orthopedic doctor on October 14th so im sure I will find out what will happen then but do you have an idea on what surgey I might have?

This will be my first ever surgery and im only 23 so how did I end up with this!

Thanks for all your help.

A very scared Eloise :)
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For Shoulder dislocation you would need to undergo reduction like Kocher's maneuver and if it does not work you go for surgery for chronic problems.

It may be Bankart's operation if the glenoid labrum and capsule are detached, which may not be for you.
It may also be a Putti-platt operation for double breasting your subscapularis tendon or Bristow's operation.

Wait for your orthopedic appointment and discuss all options and go ahead only if surgery is necessary.

Take care!
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