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Shoulder injury

I was doing CrossFit regularly last year.  It seemed like a great way to exercise.  The workout for the day consisted of pushups, pull-ups, bench press, and maybe a few other things.  After working out I went to play tennis with my friend.  I normally beat him, but he was beating me and I couldn't seem to hit the ball very hard.  He complained that I wasn't trying hard enough and I tried to really put it to him on the next serve.  When I did my shoulder really hurt.  My shoulder has hurt since then for the last year.  It doesn't hurt all the time.  I can still use my arm, but I am curious what it is.  I haven't worked out in the last year.  If I try I can only lift about 70% with my right arm.  My left arm is now my strong arm.  I need to go to my orthopedic doctor, but I am curious if anybody on here has some good advice.  It seems like a tear or tendonitis would have healed themselves by now.  It is a small pinching pain, but it is enough to keep me from being able to work out, which is my biggest problem.
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This most probably was a ligament or tendon involvement due to the serve you forced and the amount of workouts you were doing at that point of time.

I would suggest you to go for an orthopedician to check your rotator cuff and other shoulder muscles.

In most cases of tendonitis and bursitis, rest, NSAIDs, and rotator cuff strengthening exercises will be useful. Try also applying ice packs on the area of inflammation.

After an examination a treatment regimen can be planned for you.

Take care!
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