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Shoulder injury

Last January I injured my shoulder while weight lifting. I was doing an incline dumbell press when I lost balance in my left arm. My arm bent backwards and I felt a weird jolt in my shoulder, almost like electricity. For several days I would feel pain just lifting my hands above shoulder level. I went to an orthopedist who told me it was probably just tendonitis and that I should come back in five to six weeks if there was still pain. Six weeks later I returned and got the same response. Eventually fed up, I went to another orthopedist who, while maintaining the same diagnosis, gave me a lidocaine/cortisone injection and began physical therapy with me. I went to physical therapy twice a week during the summer. The PT consisted mostly of upper back and shoulder massages and stretches with a resistance band that I did at home. Since some pain still remained, the orthopedist ordered an MRI. The MRI showed four problems: mild supraspinatus tendinosis, type III acromion, mild thickening of the subacromial bursa, and a tear through the inferior and posterior inferior labrum. To this day I have mild pain performing certain movements, specifically turning my left hand so that my palm faces away from me, and in this position, moving my arm across my chest. I also feel more intense pain in my left shoulder that lasts a couple days after doing exercises involving the shoulder such as dumbell press, military press, dips, etc.

Is there anything I can do to alleviate this pain, or any problem that might not have been picked up by the MRI? My doctor said I should keep exercising, especially building up rotator cuff strength, to stabilize my shoulder and prevent this from happening again, but I would like to find something else as well. I've had pain for about 9 months now and OTCs like Advil don't do anything to lessen it.
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