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Sore pinky 5 years after joint relocation

5 years ago I dislocated my right pinky at the middle joint after tripping and falling on my hand on a sidewalk. I went to the ER, had x-rays, the doctor relocated my finger, splinted it, gave me some more pain meds, and I was on my way. Well I "recovered" just fine - I have full functionality of my finger. However, it does NOT look good. It looks as if it was not truly relocated (I have attached a photo). I think during the original healing process I may have bumped it back out of place.

I could go on to describe what it looks like, but that would be a waste of time. My point in this question is whether, after 5 years, it is possible to re-relocate the joint? It is starting to give me some soreness and I think it is because it didn't heal well the first time. Would my doctor be able to relocate this and put it in its proper position again or has it been too long? How painful of a process would this be? Is there a way for local anesthetics? Sorry for the encyclopedia of questions...

Thank you all for your help!!

Tyler Chase
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