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Spinal fusion -- pain and immobility 30 years later

I had L-rod fusion T1 to L4 30 years ago and have led a very active life up until now.  After consulting a surgeon due to progressive lower back and radiating hip/leg pain my xrays show the lower unfused verterbrae are now curving under the load of the upper fusion.  The surgeon recommends frontal and posterior surgery (he is a surgeon after all) but I'm almost 60 with recent health issues (including a year in bed) from which I'm just now recovering .  I don't think my body can take it and there's no guarantee of being pain free.

In short, I'm seeking people who have had additional curvature resulting from spinal surgery.  I'm also seeking advice on nonsurgical treatment to halt the curve progression.

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Hey Cindy!

I am really not sure if non-surgical management would be effective in your case. You could try rest, anti-inflammatory medications and physiotherapy to strengthen the back muscles. You could also see a pain management specialist is the pain does not seem to improve with the measures; though I would suggest seeking a second opinion for suggestion of an appropriate management plan.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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