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Still in Pain 3 Months after knee replacement surgery

I am still taking hydrocodone for pain 4x a day and still experiencing pain. I have iced, done all excercises, go to Physical therapy ever since my surgery. I am still experiencing pain in both legs on a regular basis. I just don't get it. I excercise when I need to, rest, elevate, ice. I have done it all and have added swimming at the gym the last month. My doctor says sorry for your pain and has x-rayed 2x to see if everything was okay but still in pain. No one can answer what will make the pain stop. Just say everybody is different. I still swell in both legs too. I have just about  have had it. My life is awful. I felt better bone on bone then I feel now. What other answers do I have?
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Possibly time for another opinion from an Orthopedic MD in a different group?
Not good to have to take pain meds like that, with all the acetaminophen in them.
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After a total knee replacement surgery you would need to follow up for physiotherapy very intensely and regularly.

With regular physiotherapy most of your pain from surgery should decrease by a month and the rest of your pain should be gone by 3 months. There can be some nagging pain but by regular physiotherapy your quadriceps will increase in strength and your pain will decrease if all other parameters are normal.

You can apply diclofenac skin patches for pain relief and take ibuprofen intermittently.

Take care!
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I was told an allergic reaction to y the metal can cause pain too. I am allergic to nickel and had to have an implant without it. Although l am 3 months out and l have too much pain too.  I also had a fall, about 8 weeks out. That made it worse.
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Hi I had total knee after being bone on bone for many years cause I could at least still get around. Now going on 4yrs later I still have discomfort my leg is always swollen nothing I do, or have done makes it go away. I was able to get around better before, but I'm learning daily to deal. Quality of life has definitely changed.
I am 6 months post surgery for full TKR same as you I could do most anything including hunting and offshore fishing. Now I can hardly walk without a horrible limp. I had a bad hematoma my first week which was the kiss of death and scar tissue went wild. I've had 2 MUA and have 110 Rom but very poor leg extension. I've tried renting a dynasplint but didn't help. Fired my first Doctor and my second Dr is retiring. I've called 15 different Dr for help and so far none will see me until I'm one year post surgery. I'm very frustrated for an active 71 yr old and at times depressed. Afraid I will never get my life back and regret ever saying yes to surgery
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