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Stress Fraction or Planters

I have been training for my first half marathon and have increased my weekly mileage but 10 miles from my normal routine and have been running outside instead of the tread. As I started training I have noticed a little foot pain on the bottom of foot which was just caused a little soreness however as I completed my longest run of 12 miles on Saturday and the next day I couldn't put pressure on my foot without it hurting nor could I manage to walk for a standard period of time. Today is Wednesday and I still feel a little discomfort in walking but not nearly as severe as Sundays pain. I have noticed the pain only when i put pressure on the right side of my foot (the right foot is the one that hurts) and toward the heel. If i stand flat footed it hurts while I can escape some of pain if i walk on my toes. I really cant stand not doing some kind of physical activity so i am going to do low impact cardio until i feel no pain. However I am a little worried that my next long run would result in more pain and possibly make the situation worse. My race is in 19 days, if I have Planters or a Stress Fracture can i cause worse damage by continuing training for the race and running the race? I found this forum early today and looked at some of the post but couldn't find one that was exactly similar to this question so i do apologize if this is a recurring question. I would also like to thank you for taking the time to answer this question, i was really impress with this site and I feel this a great thing all you guys are doing, so sincerely thank you!
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It is important to go for a diagnosis before continuing your running.

Apply ice packs and rest for couple of days and take NSAIDs.

If the pain continues you would need to go for scans and then a proper examination by an orthopedician for diagnosis if it is a bony or soft tissue involvement.

Take care!
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Thanks for the advance I am going to take your advice and not run until there is no pain but I am still going to lift weight, haha I have to do something. I guess if i still feel pain in a week Ill go to the doctor hopefully it will subsides before then.
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