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Stress Fracture

Eight months ago I had an accident at work where a step-ladder I was on tipped over.  I injured my left ankle and went to the doctor two days later.  He said I probably tore a ligament and put me in a boot for four weeks.  I continued having pain and have tingling in my ankle and foot and returned to the doctor a month ago.  He refrered me to another doctor who ordered a bone scan.  The bone scan shows I have a stress fracture.  My doctor is sending me to therapy and keeps telling me that activity is good for this injury but I have severe pain and the tingling is getting worse.  13 years ago I broke the fibula in my left leg.  Every doctor I've seen has said that healed well and wasn't an issue.  I am just confused because when I broke my leg they told me to stay off of it.  Why wouldn't they at least limit my activity for a stress facture?  Wouldn't eight months be enough activity to decide that it wasn't working?
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