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Stress fracture but no boot?

I was just diagnosed by a podiatrist with a stress fracture in my 4th metatarsal.  I'd been having intermittent pain in the top of my foot on that metatarsal for the last 3 weeks or so (while running), I alleviated it for a bit by lacing my shoes differently, but it was always sore to the touch on top.  Had just completed a marathon in late January, my training had reached 70-80 miles a week.  I finally went to check on it at my podiatrist's. My xray showed a 4th metatarsal that was substantially wider than the others.  The others bowed inward and narrowed toward the middle, in contrast, the 4th metatarsal was the same diameter at the top, middle, and bottom, (I was told this was indicating bone growth.) The podiatrist said he saw a little diagonal line stretching across the bone, but for the life of me, I did not see it.

I was instructed to take a month off from running, but not instructed to wear a boot.  I thought this was fine because it wasn't hurting to walk around.  But now I keep reading how everyone with a metatarsal stress fracture is put in a boot immediately.

I really would like a second opinion on the xray and the lack of boot decision, and wish I could upload a picture of the xray here. My plan is to run the Boston Marathon in less than 2 months, so I'm anxious to heal as fast as possible.  Thank you.
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